Our values

We share bad news first. We don’t sugar coat. We don’t blame each other. We take responsibility as a team to resolve and improve ourselves and our product.

Care for yourself. Put your own well being before anything else. Ask for help without reservation. Take time off when you need it. Switch off notifications. Do not compare yourself to others.

We’re a team as opposed to a family. We look out for one another. When one succeeds, we all succeed. When one struggles, we all pitch in. However, your family is the most important, and we respect and encourage that.

No ‘yes’ people. We are all about seeing past challenges in order to progress and take risks, otherwise we wouldn’t be building a startup. What we don’t want is people agreeing to maintain the status quo or to avoid perceived conflict. That’s a slippery slope into mediocrity. Intense debates and speaking up is a positive thing.

Real progress over perception of progress. We avoid, outsource, eliminate and automate ‘busy work’ wherever possible. We care about the quality of what we put out there.

We don’t do over the top bravado or ‘bro’-anything. We value kindness, consideration for others and hard work.

Having fun together is extremely important. Whether that means in a day to day context, doing some activities together or a company holiday. However, no-one should be made to feel uncomfortable or left out.