The future of agile development collaboration.

Make agile meetings 10x more productive with our purpose-built tooling. Replace screensharing and manually facilitated agile ceremonies with fully customised, game-like interactions, all synced with your issue tracker. The perfect balance between sync and async collaboration.


Run fast and efficient check-ins with your team. Understand everyone's progress, plans and blockers. Configure how your stand-up should run including timing, questions, voting and more. Personal issue boards eliminate the need to screenshare. Avoid out-of-date issues with huddle mode.

Estimation Planning.

Estimate issues in our gamified planning mode. Avoid groupthink by hiding voting. Estimations instantly synced with your Jira backlog.

Agile Collaboration.

Discuss, prioritise and plan your agile development backlog. It's like Google docs for your issue planning!

Free your team to focus on what matters, on their own terms.

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