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Real-time collaboration tools re-invent and upgrade the in-office experience. Beautiful, fast and intuitive agile management tools. The hub for your development stack.
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Real-time interactive collaboration

There's nothing worse than frustrating and slow team meetings where you have to wait your turn to give your input and coordinate with teammates. No more! With our real-time collaboration everyone can contribute at the same time and become efficiency ninjas. We're also working on dedicated modes for stand-up, planning and review meetings.

Agile management tools

Beautiful and intuitive agile management tools that 'just work'. Helpful extras like our story creator tool that make it a breeze to knock out stories as fast as you can come up wit them. Like to use another tool for your backlog, or can't convince your teammates? No worries! We are working on direct integrations with other great agile tools.


Deep integration with your dev stack

Like you, there are tools in our development stack that we know and love. We're not looking for another doc solution where our wiki pages can go to die. Instead think of devfair as the hub for your development stack → deep integrations that provide meaningful value to your team and actually make you more efficient.

Advanced analytics

Advanced budget and efficiency analytics for scrum masters and money-people. Understand how your team is performing and where there are areas for improvement. Use real financial information to inform decisions on development prioritisation.

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devfair is the home for remote development teams

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