The future of agile development collaboration.

Make agile meetings 10x more productive with our purpose-built tooling. Replace screensharing and manually facilitated agile ceremonies with fully customised, game-like interactions, all synced with your issue tracker. The perfect balance between sync and async collaboration.
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Automate daily stand-ups.

Have consistent, efficient stand-ups with your team. Configure how they should run to suit your team or pick a best practice template. No need for notetaking or updating multiple tools - all updates, blockers and questions are automatically synced with your issue tracker and documentation tools. Keep focus with our action toolbar for automating tasks like follow-up, track this and breakout chat.

Plan development objectives with estimation poker.

Estimate issues with your team in our gamified planning mode. Avoid groupthink by hiding voting until everyone has selected an estimate. Discuss the outcome, re-run the game or assign the estimation to the issue. Instantly synced with your Jira backlog.

Sync updates, notes and outcomes with your existing tech stack.

Connect your issue tracker (Jira supported, more planned) and your documentation tool to capture everything valuable from your agile meetings. Auto-generated meeting notes. Story and task updates. Problems and blockers.

Free your team to focus on what matters, on their own terms.

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