AUTOMATED STANDUPSVersion 1.0 released

Automate your stand-ups and get back to actual work

Keep your stand-ups on time and on track, while keeping everyone else in the loop.
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Configure how your stand-up should run

You can configure your stand-up to suit the nuances of your team. Set an automatic timer with gentle (or not so gentle!) reminders so you never go over. Ping someone to take a conversation offline.

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Start with a team huddle

Are your issues often not up to date before a stand-up starts? Then start with a huddle. Everyone gets a chance to make updates to the board, in real time, before the stand-up starts. Set a timer or wait until everyone presses ready.

Automate your stand-up ritual

Everything in your stand-up happens automatically. The next person to speak is chosen randomly - no volunteers required! The issues they have been working on are displayed automatically. Highlight which issues you are talking about. Press a button when you're done to move onto the next person.


Everything you need

Remote development hub

devfair is designed to reduce friction and let your team just get on it with. Simple, intuitive and completely customizable. Get more things done, together in real-time. With all the features your team needs to collate, collaborate and coordinate in one place.

No more meeting links or screensharing your backlog. Everyone can contribute in a meaningful way, inreal-time.
Developed forproductivity
Filters, subtasks, mentions, comments, notifications, keyboard shortcuts. On all your devices.
Agileat its core
Empowering teams, building accountability, promoting continuous improvement and facilitating engagement.
Multiple projects,Seamlessswitching
Quickly switch between projects on your dashboard and find everything you need in your workspace.

Real-time interactive collaboration

Ever been in a team meeting which should take five minutes? but takes an hour. No more! With our real-time collaboration modes, everyone can contribute at the same time, share context, ask questions, delegate work, freeing you up to focus on what you can influence.

Agile management tools

Agile management tools that 'just work'. Helpful extras like our story creator tool that make it a breeze to generate stories as fast as you can, it evens formats for you as you go. Deep dive your board with your team, view only your issues in standup + so much more.


Control your kanban experience

Not all kanban experiences are created equally and sometimes you just want a quick catchup, no jargon. Ultimate control over what you see on your kanban board, quickly toggle information as needed, filter as necessary. Clear, concise board giving you a birdseye view of what needs to be done, who needs help, and which task is a priority.

Board filters

Turn off the lights

Whether you use dark mode for working in low light, late at night, for accessibility reasons, or just because all your other screens are dark. Toggle between light and dark or leave it to automatic and have your settings change throughout the day and in to the evening.

Board filters

Take back control of your remote development life

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