Real-time collaboration with your remote teammates

We've taken what was great about in-office collaboration and removed all the infuriating, time-wasting, and inefficient parts to create a seamless remote collaboration experience.

Enhance remote work resources

Bringing teams together, anytime, anywhere.

Code reviews to retrospectives, on-boarding to demos, ideation, and brainstorming to strategic or planning, scheduled or impromptu, private, or group. devfair has you covered with our video conferencing solution.

Real-time tools
Real-time collaboration tools meaning everybody syncs together and works together inreal time with our whiteboard, screensharing, in-sync and pop-out modes.
Group or private calls.
Have team meetings or reach out to a colleague for a quick private call. Whiteboard, screensharing, in-sync and pop-out modes will have you covered for everyhting from ideation to debugging to code pairing.
Planned or adHoc
Schedule calls or create a call at any time for any occasion. Jump to your team page, see who is online and create a call. Or schedule that call in advance and send out a reminder right before.
Notifications and quick reply
Get notified when you're invited to a meeting that has just begun. Can't make it? No problem, let your team know with one of the quick auto-reply buttons.

Meet anyone, any time. No more sharing links

One to one meetings, group meetings, demonstrations, show and tells, internal product launches, team retros - we've got you covered. All run on Amazon's zero lag server infrastructure.

Forgot about the meeting?

Get notified when a meeting is taking place when you're invited. Join with one click. Can't attend right now? Quickly reply with an auto-reply or write your custom message letting your team know your status.

Ready to join? No problem

That meeting you were invited to but couldn't quite make, meetings are always available to join while the meeting is active. All meetings will appear in your meeting workspace.

Tailor your own experience

We've all been there, joined a call with our mic muted or our camera off, quickly set our settings before each call. Prefer to use your wireless headphones as a speaker but your laptop as the microphone? No problem. Battery dies in wireless headphones? Quickly switch your microphone and speaker settings in the call.

Take back control of your remote development life

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