15 Oct 2020·1 min read

Netlify CMS & Next.js Series - Intro

#netlify #nextjs #headless-cms #react

We're using Netlify CMS & Next.js at devfair to create our website. I thought I'd document the process in case its useful for others.

This will be a series of posts were I'll setup a simple site driven by the Netlify CMS. The resulting source code can be used as a template to get you up and running quickly on a new project.

The plan is to release one or two new posts a week.


  1. Intro (this post)
  2. Next.js Setup
  3. Adding markdown content
  4. Integrating Netlify CMS
  5. Deploy Netlify CMS
  6. Local deploy
  7. Custom previews/blog/post/2020-11-13-netlify-cms-next-js-series-custom-previews
  8. Allow CMS users to edit Markdown