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Understand and manage your backlog with speed and beauty. Every action has been designed to function simply and react lighting fast. It works as quickly as you can. Help, not hinder.

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Concentrated blocks of work with a clear goal at the end, to progress your project by one big step. Our sprint tool is a great way to focus on an achievable piece of work. Understand at a glance how your team is progressing in the sprint.

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Board viewBoard view
Arrange your work just the way you like, quickly toggle on and off views.
View all your past sprints in one place, see how far you have come and what you have achieved.
Track at a glanceTrack at a glance
Understand quickly how your team is progressing and what stories are ready for you to review.
Full screenFull screen
Sometimes you just need more real estate. Go fullscreen and get your work done.

Story creator

Creating user stories and bugs can be an arduous affair. No one wants to repeat dribble or use a tedious tool. We designed our story creator to empower you to create stories and bugs as fast as you can type, no waffle included. Suggestions based on your previous stories powered by background automation resulting in stories that can be easily understood by everyone else.

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Rapid entry, like a word docRapid entry, like a word doc
Simply start the creator tool and write stories as fast as you can type.
Keyboard shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts
Intuitive keyboard shortcuts.
Correct formattingCorrect formatting
Worried about writing in the correct format? the creator formats what you write.
No loading neededNo loading needed
When you create one story, we line the next one for you automatically.

Customisable tags

We designed our backlog to work with you not against you. Tags can help you easily sort, filter, and navigate a busy backlog to find the items you want. We provide tags out the box to allow you to get started quickly and when the time is right you can customize your backlog to your needs.

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Only get notified about the things that matter to you

Not only can constant notifications be annoying distracting or overwhelming, but they can also lead to notification fatigue. With devfair, you can tailor your experience knowing you'll never miss an important notification again.

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Presenting a clear idea of what the team thinks is next, which task is a priority

Use our in-sync mode to consistently assign tasks, prioritize the work, share necessary information, everybody in-sync at the same time prioritizing tasks, providing a clear and concise view of what is a priority and what can wait. What used to be an arduous task is now a smooth and process with the flexibility to scale to as you like.

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Quickly view archived sprints the way you view active sprints

All previous sprints are available, drill down through items, assignees, sizes, issue types, and more! Conveniently toggle on and off filters to tailor your experience or jump into full-screen mode and see as much as possible.

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